Cyber Security Threats-A Real Issue

South African's take on Cyber Protection

Just yesterday I posted how many servers are exposed to the general INTERNET and today I have found silly mistakes yet again.

311 Surveilance Cameras with default passwords.

185 routers with default passwords

140 webcam streaming servers.

If you have not had your company tested by a Penetration Tester ( Ethical Hacker ) then you are in serious trouble. Based on the above only there is potentially 636 companies / systems just waiting to be hacked.

The above are specific searches that I have performed related to specific issues.

What you should be worried about is the fact that Malicious Hackers ( Black Hat’s) use the same tools to find and target companies or general people. This is not company specific.

This Dream World we live in believing that we are not big enough for a hacker to target us cannot be more far from the truth.

Malicious hackers are not always attacking to steal info or steal money they attack also to own/pwn your system and then from your system they perform the bigger attacks implicating you or your company in an investigation.

This is not always just a computer or server it can be anything from routers, web-cams, web applications even your smart-phone or fridge.

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