Fortigate Firewall - SSH Backdoor- Admin Access

Fortigate Firewall – SSH Backdoor- Admin Access – 407 Potentially Vulnerable.

Good day

Fortigate Firewall has an SSH backdoor on Version 4.x up to 5.0.7

With a quick scan we managed to find 407 potentially vulnerable Fortigate Firewalls in South Africa only. Allot more devices when broadening our search to other countries.

A message to IT teams :

If your client is using the Fortigate firewall, I have a script you can use to test the SSH backdoor you only need to Message me and I will send you the script. Its written in python so make sure you run it as such.

What does the SSH Backdoor do:

It basically provides administrator access to the firewall. ( Nice 😉

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