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Who and What is Secure ICT.


In short Secure ICT is a 4 Tier managed Services Provider situated in Idaho, Eagle. Our 4 tier approach is one of its kind, the type of company business owners and consumers have been waiting for. We have 17 years experience in the Information and Communication Industry as well as Cyber Security.

With our approach we believe that companies will enjoy huge saving and benefit from dealing with a company that handles all aspects of the IT and Security Industry. Our solution involves becoming your IT department, your connectivity provider, your telecoms provider and cyber security department. We provide tech support to your staff and management and control and maintain your IT infrastructure and systems. We design and deploy servers and network equipment in a secure manner.

Gone are the days that companies have to pay for service level agreements to different providers if one provider can supply and provide tech support on all TIER’s, one Service Level Agreement for all.


Our Service level agreements not only involve IT support, Telecoms systems , Telecoms network support and Connectivity, but also typically includes Cyber Security Services. This type of approach ensures that a company has the best of all worlds including Cyber Security. We will be performing penetration tests on a regular basis on your network, your staff computers, Web applications, Wifi Equipment, Servers and custom software. Our tests also includes Social engineering and this will give us insight as to who will need training in order to minimize Social engineering threats.  We monitor all your IT infrastructure to ensure performance is kept at optimal levels.

Further to the above we gather cyber attack intelligence on your company in order to effectively determine the correct configuration required for your firewall systems and Anti Virus systems to defend and prevent cyber attacks.

Normally this type of service referred to SaaS or Security As A Service have huge cost implications. Secure ICT have managed to incorporate this service into our initial offering by performing these type of tests on a regular basis. Over the years of performing penetration tests we realized that this is a type of service that cannot be performed once or twice a year but on a more regular basis in order to effectively protect customer systems and devices.

To make our offering even better customers do not need to sign a Service Level agreement to benefit from our services but can choose 1 of the Tiers and pay a once-off fee if required.  This however does come at a price this means that all customers on a Service Level Agreement will be first in line and will always enjoy priority over any Adhoc client.

Should you already have an in-house IT department we can fill the gap with the cyber security service.

If you or your business require a complete solution then give us a call or send a mail to

Gerhard De Villiers-Mohr- Ethical Hacker and Founder @ Secure ICT.


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